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Cuisine in Kayseri Dedicated to Gastronomy: Çemen's Kitchen


At Çemen's Atölye, where we set out to successfully represent Kayseri Cuisine by using contemporary methods without breaking away from traditional methods, we introduce and taste local Kayseri delicacies to our valued guests with the motto "From the Hands of the Master".


Where to Eat Manti in Kayseri? Where is Kayseri Local Cuisine? We hear that you are one of those who say, and we will be pleased to host you as a kitchen that meets your needs.


When you visit Kayseri, you can say hello to a new day with our local breakfast prepared by award-winning chefs. From mid-day until 22:00 at night, from Kayseri Mantı to tray mantı; You can be sure that we will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate in Kayseri with our rich menu that will appeal to your palate, from the oil to the nevzine dessert. 

We have a reservation service for your special days/invitations and meetings. You can contact us for details.

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